2018 PhD Scholarships in International Relations/Military Change in Denmark

The Department of Political Science and Public Management at the University of Southern Denmark invites applications for two Ph.D. scholarships within International Relations/Military Change as of September 1, 2018.

As a Ph.D. student, you will be affiliated with the Centre for War Studies (CWS) in Odense.



Scholarships Number and Award:

-As a Ph.D. student, you will follow an individual Ph.D. plan including coursework, conference participation, and teaching. Ph.D. students typically spend one semester at another research institution, often abroad;

-The scholarship carries a monthly salary including pension plus office facilities and financial support for conference travels and research visits abroad. Conditions of employment will be in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations);

-If selected for one of the positions, you will be enrolled in the Ph.D. programme in Political Science or alternatively Social Sciences. Applications are invited from candidates with a master’s degree (the 5+3 program). Candidates who in addition to their bachelor’s degree expect to have passed 60 ECTS of their master’s programme by September 1, 2018, are invited to apply for a Ph.D. scholarship within the 4+4 programme;

-A 5+3 Ph.D. programme spans over three years (fully salaried), while the 4+4 program runs for a period of four years. If enrolled in the 4+4 program, you will be enrolled in the Ph.D. programme and the master’s programme parallel to each other;

-During this period, the pay will consist of the Danish Student Allowance (SU)—if you are entitled to it—and a supplementary salary for job assignments. After completing the master’s degree, you will enter a fully salaried Ph.D. scholarship for the remaining two years. Employment as a salaried Ph.D. Student is governed by the agreement of October 1, 2008, on Graduate Employees in government appendix 5—protocol on Ph.D. Research Fellows.


Education Level & Subject:

Scholarships are available to pursue PhD program.



-To qualify for a Ph.D. scholarship, you must have a high academic level and be able to outline an original research project;

-The project is individual, but it should be related to the collective research project “Transforming Armed Forces in the 21st Century” at CWS. They are looking for candidates possessing personal qualities such as curiosity and a strong desire to understand and solve societal challenges;

-You must be able to work independently and—in consultation with the Ph.D. supervisor—prioritize the different aspects of your work.

-Finally, you are expected to have good interpersonal skills, be interested in engaging with the national and international research community (your supervisor and the department will support you in this), be present and take part in the daily academic and social environments in Odense.


Required Documents:

-A project proposal, max 5 pages of 2400 characters each, including spaces, notes, appendices, bibliography etc. The project description must be anonymized, i.e. it may not reveal your name or identity in any way. The total length in characters including spaces of the project description must be stated on the first page of the project description. If your name is mentioned in your project description or if the description exceeds the specified length, your application will be rejected without further assessment;

-An abstract for the above project description of no more than 250 words;

-Detailed CV;

-A certified copy of your master’s degree certificate including all examination results. In case of a possible 4+4 enrolment, a certified copy of your bachelor’s degree certificate and a transcribe of your master’s level examination results must be included;

-Information on experience with teaching, dissemination, or scientific publication, if applicable.

Accept files must be in PDF-format no more than 10 MB per file. No zip-files, jpg or other images files. All pdf-files must be unlocked and allow binding and may not be password protected.


How to Apply:

Download application form click

Read the guideline for applicants click

For further information about the collective research project, please contact PI, Associate professor, Olivier Schmitt tel. +45 6550 9687, e-mail schmitt@sam.sdu.dk.



March 12, 2018


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