5 Steps to Become a Pilot Without Getting a Bachelor Degree.

Want to become a commercial pilot? Learn about the training and education necessary to make this dream a reality.


Career Requirements of A Commercial Pilot.

– Do not require the Bachelor degree. (for some commercial airlines require a bachelor’s or 2 years of college, but most are not!!)

– Commercial pilots must be 23 years old

– Must log 250 hours of flying time and pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test for licensing.

– Communication skills; excellent vision and physical health; aeronautical knowledge

– Median salary is around $102,520



Step 1: Meet Basic Requirements

In order to obtain a commercial pilot’s license, applicants must be at least 18 years old and able to communicate effectively. They must pass a physical exam that involves a vision test, as well as have logbook endorsements from an authorized instructor to verify their level of experience and be able to demonstrate aeronautical knowledge.


Step 2: Train as a Private Pilot

Prospective pilots can train as private pilots initially to learn the basics of the process of flight as well as more about airplane operations and maintenance, airport communications, and maneuvering. Some flight schools offer recreational or private training courses as prerequisites for commercial pilot training. This enables students to progress through the required levels without attending multiple sessions.



Step 3: Log Flight Hours

They must spend 250 hours flying in various situations, including solo and as the pilot-in-command; complete instrument training; and pilot a plane with designated gear. Flying cross-country in both day and nighttime conditions, as well as completing a specified number of takeoffs and landings are also general requirements.


Step 4: Pass Required Tests

In order to become licensed, commercial pilots must pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test, which is administered by a registered official. The test requires candidates to perform a variety of operational tasks, demonstrate their ability to meet industry standards, and exhibit proficiency in flying. They must also pass a written exam to demonstrate their knowledge of navigation, safety, and regulations.



Step 5: Pursue Additional Certification

Applicants will need to become licensed as an airline transport pilot in order to work for commercial airlines. They will need to be at least 23 years old, have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight experience, and pass FAA examinations.


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