Fully Funded Sir Henry Dale Fellowship in London, United Kingdom

This scheme is for outstanding post-doctoral scientists wishing to build their own UK-based, independent research career addressing an important biomedical question.



Scholarships Number and Award:

Under the partnership between the Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust, the Funders will pay 100% of the direct costs and, with the agreement of the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, a standard flat rate contribution towards indirect and estate costs will be provided on the Sir Henry Dale Fellowships. The ring-fenced indirect and estate costs will be funded entirely by the Royal Society


Education Level & Subject:

Post-doctoral fellowship



-You are eligible to apply for a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship if you have a Ph.D. and significant postdoctoral research experience.

-If for your Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, you’re proposing to stay in your current department, you should describe in your application how this proposal will further your independent scientific career.

Please note that if you hold an established post you are not eligible to apply for a fellowship to be held at your current employing organization. In exceptional cases, we are willing to consider a preliminary application if you wish to move the organization and are able to make a strong scientific justification for the move.

-This scheme is not open to individuals who wish to combine research with a continuing clinical career in medicine, psychology, dentistry or veterinary practice.

Time spent outside the research environment will be taken into consideration (e.g time away due to personal reasons such as maternity, paternity, adoption leave or other caring responsibilities; ill health or working in a non-research environment/role such as industry).

-Individuals who have held or are currently completing a nationally competitive fellowship at the same level as this fellowship is not normally eligible to apply for this scheme. In addition, if you’re currently applying for another Wellcome fellowship or a Royal Society University Research Fellowship you would also be unable to apply.

-You must have made intellectual contributions to research that have been published in leading journals, and be able to demonstrate your potential to carry out independent research.

-Resubmissions are not normally encouraged. If a previous application has been unsuccessful, please contact the Wellcome Trust for advice.


How to Apply:

Applications should be submitted through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker.


June 13, 2019


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