Joint TICA–TRF–Sida–ISP Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in Thailand and Sweden

This joint Doctoral Fellowship Programme is a joint collaboration between Sweden and Thailand aiming at supporting interested students from Bangladesh, Nepal, and CLMV
countries (up to three scholarships per year) to pursue their doctoral studies in Thailand and  Sweden, with the opportunity to undertake research with Thai and Swedish advisors of
academic excellence in the scientific fields of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology.



Scholarships Number and Award:

The following allowances and expenses will be borne by the Royal Thai Government and the Swedish Government:

-An economy class air ticket from an appropriate international airport of the student’s home country to Thailand will be sent to each participant by a representative of the Thai Airways International, or through the National Airline Office in the participant’s country.

An air ticket to the home country will be issued to each participant just one week before the completion of his/her PhD study as well as the fellowship contract.

Participants should not buy air tickets themselves and should be advised that if they do so, the cost cannot be reimbursed.

-For research study in Sweden for 1 year, the participant’s major thesis advisor has to submit a travel and research plan, in consultation with the Swedish co-advisor, to the ISP and the RGJ-Ph.D. Programme at least three months before the end of the Swedish fiscal year (31 December) for approval prior to their study leave beginning January of the following year. The ISP will arrange for an economy return air ticket from Sweden.

-While studying in Thailand, each participant will receive a monthly allowance of 7,000 baht to cover meals, local transportation, and other personal expenses.

Accommodation and other expenses, such as health insurance, educational and research expenses, educational materials, field trips, and thesis preparation, will be provided for as per the regulations of the Royal Thai Government.

It is suggested that each participant bring some pocket money to cover the initial expenses before the allowance is paid.

-While studying in Sweden, each participant will receive a health insurance, exemption of fee for a residence permit, and a monthly subsistence allowance covering personal expenses and accommodation.

4.5 Participants should be in good health and must not have any health condition, which may require treatment in Thailand and Sweden during the study.


Education Level & Subject:

Fellowships are available to pursue Doctoral degree programme in the scientific fields of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Biology.



-Applicants must be a citizen from one of 6 eligible countries, namely the Kingdom of Cambodia; the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Union of Myanmar, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (CLMV); the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, or the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

-Applicants must be under 40 years of age;

-Applicants must fulfill the qualifications required by TRF, as described under 1.1 and 1.2;

-Applicants must be fluent in written and verbal English as courses are conducted in English;

-Applicants must be in good health, both physically and mentally, as they are required to stay throughout the course;

-Applicants must meet the required qualifications specified for the programme;

-Applicants must be prepared for at least three years for a study leave as required for a successful candidate.


How to Apply:

Download application form click

Applicants can read guidelines for application here



April 25, 2018


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