RWTH International Academy – Women in Engineering Scholarship, 2018

This scholarship was created to enable more qualified female engineering students to pursue a Master’s degree program offered by RWTH International Academy in order to establish gender equality among the international students of English-taught Master’s degree programs in engineering.

It is intended for female students who are admitted to one of the following Master’s degree programs at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.



Scholarships Number and Award:

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the respective Master’s degree program (within the regular study duration) between 13,500.00 EUR and 22,000.00 EUR, depending on the Master’s degree program.

The scholarship holder will be charged an administrative fee of 500.00 EUR per semester.


Education Level & Subject:

Master’s degree programs at RWTH Aachen University in following programme:

-M. Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering

-M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering

-M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Design Concepts and Structural Engineering/ Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities

-M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Electrical Power Systems

-M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Production Systems

-M. Sc. Management and Engineering in Water

-M. Sc. Production Systems Engineering

-M. Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering

-M. Sc. Textile Engineering



-Admitted female students of the Master’s degree programs mentioned above who have an excellence performance in their Bachelor studies are eligible for the scholarship. Students who already receive funding for the required tuition fees are however not eligible.


Required Documents:

-Completed application sheet ‘Women in Engineering’
-Letter of intent (500 words)
-Certificate stating that the applicant is among the best 15% bachelor degree
holders of their batch
-Certificate stating basic German knowledge (A1).


How to Apply:

The application for the scholarship has to be submitted with the regular application for the Master’s degree program. Admitted female students to one of the above-mentioned Master’s degree programs, who submit the application for the scholarship are eligible to receive funding.



March 1 (each year)


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