Salford International Excellence Award in United Kingdom, 2018

The University of Salford welcomes applicants from across the world and seeks to encourage and support international students who are not only academic, but are enterprising, creative, and community-minded.

Our international students are active in their studies, enthusiastic in gaining positive experiences from their time in the UK, and use their knowledge, skills and experience to take on the challenges of the world.



Scholarships Number and Award:

The Awards are amount £1,000 to £5,000.


Education Level & Subject:

Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate programme.



You must have an offer of admission to the University of Salford and complete the International Scholarship Application Form, selecting Salford International Excellence Award.

The most important part of the application in the two-part scholarship essay, where you have the opportunity to show your commitment to the University of Salford, your programme of study and your past experience and achievements, and your future ambitions.

Part 1) Describe how your previous experiences and achievements will help you achieve success at the University of Salford.

This is your opportunity to communicate the International Scholarship Committee how you will be successful and an active student at the University of Salford. You can include examples of: any academic prizes you have won; any recent sporting achievements or prize; your involvement in activities for  the  social, economic and cultural development of your country and community; any entrepreneurial activity you are engaged in; anything else that shows your success. Your essay should not be more than 300 words.

Part 2) Describe how your programme of study University of Salford will enable you to develop a greater understanding of your subject and how that can positively contribute to your home country?

This is your opportunity to communicate the International Scholarship Committee your commitment to your chosen subject area. The University is not just interested in your past experience, but also in your future, and how your studies will support your future, and how your future contributions will support  your  home  country. This may be at a national, regional or community level.

Your essay should not be more than 300 words.


How to Apply:

Applicants must first apply for the eligible programme of study. Once you have received an offer of admission you then complete the 2018/19 International Scholarship Application Form



June 1, 2018


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