Scholarship for Ph.D. Program in Management, Finance and Accounting, Italy

Ph.D. program in Management, Finance and Accounting are primarily designed to train students for research-oriented careers in academia, but also for their employment in multinational companies, public and private organizations, financial institutions.

They can interpret business phenomena in an integrated way by using the general methodological principles for quantitative and qualitative research in the social sciences, with the perspectives provided by the subject areas of Corporate Finance, Accounting and Management Engineering.



Scholarships Number and Award:

The current amount of the scholarship is EUR 15,343.28 yearly, before social security and health insurance contributions, to be paid by the recipient. Extra financial assistance will be provided for the research activities abroad.


Education Level & Subject:

Ph.D. program



Applications are received from candidates who hold a Laurea Magistrale or equivalent foreign academic degree (Master of Arts, Master of Sciences), or who expects to achieve such a qualification by 31 October 2019 in the following areas: Economics, Management, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Public Administrations, Public Communication, Economics for the Environment and Culture. Applications from candidates holding degrees in areas other than those listed above, but whose education and experience demonstrate knowledge of the subjects of the Program will be considered and assessed by the Admission Panel.

Applicants in possession of foreign titles which have not yet been declared equivalent to the corresponding Italian degree should submit, as part of their applications, a written request for a declaration of this equivalence solely for the purpose of admission to the PhD Program and should accompany the application with all the documents necessary for the Commission to evaluate the eligibility.


How to Apply:

Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application.



May 31, 2019


More information:



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