Unilever Summer Placement Program for International Students in UK and Ireland

Unilever Summer Placement Program is 12-week summer placement starting in the summer, you will learn on a real job with real responsibilities. You will work alongside Unilever managers to set goals and measure your performance against Unilever competencies.

This program is available for International students.



Scholarships Number and Award:

£20,000 pro rata per annum.


Education Level & Subject:

This is a 12 weeks summer placement programme.

Available Subject: Your options

-Customer Development (Sales)

-Financial Management

-Human Resources


-Research and Development

-Supply Chain

-Technology Management



Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be in the penultimate year of your degree

2. We accept all disciplines, except for placements in R&D and Supply Chain. In R&D, we require a strong technical qualification in a Chemical, Biological, Physical or Food-related Science. We also accept Chemical/Material and Engineering-related disciplines. For Supply Chain, you’ll need a strong background in Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Manufacturing or similar engineering qualification. We also accept Mathematics, Business, Technology, or Design-related disciplines.


How to Apply:

Online Application: Complete the online application form. It is a simple and easy process, with the quick option of filling out personal details using your LinkedIn profile. You may only apply to one function in your application and the types of functions available vary according to each region.



November 18, 2018


More information:




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