Zukunftskolleg Postdoctoral Fellowship for International Scholars in Germany

The Zukunftskolleg an Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) offers 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships. The Zukunftskolleg provides researchers with a professional infrastructure and an appropriate workplace for conducting research.

Fellowships are aimed at researchers (at an early stage for the 2- year and at an advanced stage for the 5-year candidates), which do not yet hold a tenured position.



Scholarships Number and Award:

An annual research allowance, e.g. for funding research assistants or equipment and financial support for start-up, consumables and travel costs, and assists in developing academic skills.


Education Level & Subject:

2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships



In order to be eligible, candidates must fulfill all eligibility criteria:

-applicants must have a doctoral degree and have acquired two years of postdoctoral research experience at most

-applicants cannot hold an academic permanent position, a professorship, or have a habilitation or equivalent (“venia legendi”)

-applicants must propose a research project that ties in with a discipline represented at the University of Konstanz

-applicants with their own position funded by another program, which can be transferred to Konstanz, are also eligible

If you have any questions concerning the eligibility criteria, please check our FAQ.


Required Documents:

The following documents are required to submit the application:

-a complete application form

-motivation letter (1-page max)

-project outline (5 pages max)

-curriculum vitae

-copies of all relevant degree certificates

-writing sample (30 pages max)

-two letters of reference


How to Apply:

Call for applications open now! Applications should be submitted via our online application portal.



15 October 2018


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