Driving My Car 8,000km Around New Zealand and It Was a Wonderful Adventure

Jacob Laukaitis has been traveling the world for the past 3.5 years and I had the chance to explore quite a few gorgeous places in different parts of the world.

Everyone kept telling him it’s the most picturesque country in the world, then he tried to get there to see how real it is…..


I flew to Auckland, bought a 1996 Mazda SUV car and began my trip all around New Zealand


I knew the country will be beautiful, but I could never have anticipated how out-of-this-world it actually was


At first I went to the Northernmost Point in all of New Zealand that looked like a dream. Then… I started going South


A few days later I hiked the highest volcano in the country (which is also a place where they filmed “The Gates of Mordor” for The Lord of The Rings)


The next morning I crossed the famous Tongariro Crossing that took me over 20 kilometers across gorgeous mountains, valleys and lakes


Eventually I made my way to the South Island and that’s where the real fun began


First off I went to the Abel Tasman National Park and hiked 70 kilometers literally all across it in just 2 days


Then I proceeded to Wanaka, which was the most beautiful town I visited throughout the whole trip. Why?


Because this… is just one of the places I casually visited during my time there


On my last day in Wanaka I decided to see it all from above and thus I jumped from a plane at 4,500 meters above the ground. That. Was. Fun.


Then I proceeded to Queenstown, a little town in the South that claims some of the most beautiful surroundings ever!


Not only that, they have the world’s first commercial bungee jump, which I, of course, couldn’t miss


That same day I went to the very South, into the Fjordland National Park that’s bigger than Cyprus, Qatar, Jamaica and many other countries


It took me over 2 hours to trek to this lake, but I had it all to myself since it’s so remote. What a gorgeous place!


Then I started going back up North by stopping here and there. This was one of the short hikes I did during those stops. I mean… what?!


Eventually I ended up at the foot of Mt. Cook – New Zealand’s highest and most dangerous mountain


The sunset that day was… magical. I was sitting there thinking: “How can this be real life?”


Then I began making my way back to Auckland, where I’d sell my car and officially finish this breathtaking adventure


However, before I did that I simply had to visit the real Middle-Earth – the Hobbiton. It was too touristy for my taste, but I was extremely happy to finally see it real-life


All in all, it was a wonderful adventure I will never forget. And once again… HOW CAN THIS COUNTRY BE REAL? I have absolutely no idea


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