Massey Business School offers 65 International Scholarships in New Zealand

The Massey Business School is one of New Zealand’s leading and largest business schools and is ranked in the top 2% globally. The school offer world-leading, relevant, flexible, research-led tertiary education, that prepares students for the first job – and beyond.

As a business you can access our relevant and topical research and services to help your organisation grow.



Scholarships Number and Award:

Up to 65 awards are available and the total number of new awards to be awarded each year is subject to the approval by the Massey Business School Executive Team.

The award may be awarded annually, and will be to the value of $5,000 per 120 credits enrolled, for up to the total credit value of the programme:

– Undergraduate Programme maximum $15,000

– Postgraduate Programme maximum $10,000


Education Level & Subject:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate program in Massey Business School.



The Massey Business School International Student Study Award (“the Award”) is for top-achieving new international students enrolling in full-time business programmes at either the Palmerston North or Wellington Campuses at Massey University. The award will be based on Academic merit at the discretion of the selection committee.



How to Apply:

Download the application form (completed forms must be emailed to by 5pm 30 November 2017)



Applications close 30 November 2017


More information:



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